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The Mentorship Institute's Each One Teach One Program online resources. 

Self Registration. This self-paced training provides a first look at the responsibilities of a Steward.  The course describes the various roles an AFGE Representative plays and provides resources to assist representatives in performing these roles successfully.  Earn a badge for completion of this course.

Closed Enrollment. This course is only accessible to closed cohort classes. The purpose of the course is to provide trainers with access to the most updated instructor training materials.  Participants who have completed the LEAD train-the-trainer program may access this area to retrieve electronic versions of our materials and guides.

Guest access is available for this course.

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Closed Enrollment.  This course is only accessible to closed cohort classes.   2018 National LEAD Training Conference from March 5th through the 9th, 2018. Hosted by National Vice President George McCubbin from District 12 and National Vice President Gerald Swanke from District 11.