What is AFGE Learn? 

AFGE Learn is a learning management system, containing online learning courses.  It is built on the Moodle learning platform.


How do I Login to AFGE Learn? 

Login to AFGE Learn with the username and password for the members-only area of the AFGE.org website.  If you are an AFGE member, but you do not have a website account, you can register for an AFGE.org account here.   If you are not an AFGE member, read about why you should join today!  The video below shows how to login to AFGE Learn from the AFGE.org website. 

How to Login to AFGE Learn


What's in an online course?

Each course is set up differently, but you can view a sample course to see what features you might find in an online course.

Take a Course Tour


Where are courses located once I login to AFGE Learn?

The My Courses tab is a list of classes you are enrolled in.  The Search Courses tab is a list of all classes in the system.  You can enter any course that is set up for guest registation or self-enrollment.  Other courses require an application or acceptance by the instructor.  To learn more, view this video about finding your way around the AFGE Learn tabs.

Navigating the Home Page


How can I recover a forgotten username or password?

Your username/password originates with an AFGE.org member account.  You can't change it in AFGE Learn.  Check the AFGE.org instructions to recover a lost password.

Reset a password

Recover an email address


How can I update my profile?

To view your profile, click on your name, which is displayed near the top right of each page. You can edit your location, add a picture and set who can see your email address.  You cannot change your password or email within AFGE Learn. You must do so from your AFGE.org account.


Can I use AFGE Learn on a smartphone or tablet?

Yes.  You can access AFGE Learn (Moodle) from a smartphone or tablet, although there may be some limitations.


Further Questions or comments?

Please contact Robert Morriss | robert.morriss@afge.org


Last modified: Wednesday, 20 September 2017, 6:47 PM